PRP Packaging and its partners provide our clients with the latest in print technology, film innovation and an impressive array of equipment all in state of the art facilities. From solvent-less laminations to 7 layer co-extrusions to the latest in rotogravure printing presses, PRP has the technology for your most challenging projects.

Rotogravure Print Packaging

Rotogravure Printing

  • Up to 10 color printing capabilities
  • Superior print quality over flexographic methods

Extrusion Lamination Packaging

Extrusion Lamination

  • PE Extrusion Film for laminations
  • Reduced Aging Time

Adhesive Lamination Packaging

Adhesive Lamination

  • Solvent and solvent-less lamination methods
  • High Clarity
  • High Bond Strength

Blown Film Packaging

Blown Film

  • Up to 7-layer high-barrier capability
  • In-house material integration

Cast Film Packaging

Cast Film

  • Variety of cast films for both food and non-food applications
  • High Clarity
  • Superior Seal Strength

Slittler and Rewinder Packaging


  • 3” & 6” core sizes
  • Up to 24” diameter winding
  • Precise tension control